The beginning of March 2015 was a rocky one for me. My son, a Marine, would be leaving for some intensive maneuvers. I am not sure why this time was different, but it was. My heart raced as did my thoughts. My prayers were bringing little relief and this saddened me. On a quiet Sunday, I was alone in the house. I thought if I could only share with others who understood my doubts and fears. I grabbed my phone and googled military support groups. The one group that stood out was this one, MOMS. I sent an email not knowing what to expect or if I would hear back from anyone. I received an immediate response soon other MOMS sent messages, prayers, devotionals and shared stories. Their loving, uplifting emails were the answer to my prayers. I have an amazing husband who would do anything to help me, but I needed other moms. Other moms who had lived through this and much more. Their prayers, as they reached out to me, are something I will never, ever forget.
— Marine MOM - Ohio
I found the MOMS on line by accident, I think, quite a long time ago. There is no chapter here in the state where I live, but the on line support I have received, and the prayers offered for my son, his unit and my family, have been a great source of comfort for me. The moms who have reached out to me personally have touched my heart and my soul in a way that I cannot put into words, but they have lifted me up and carried me through. I am very involved in other activities such as the Blue Star Mothers which give me great satisfaction and keep me busy, but through MOMS I found the food that my heart and soul needed.
— Army MOM - CT
I have been a military mother for fifteen years and have been through five deployments with our son. One would feel that I know all the ways to cope while he is gone. However, with this last deployment, I knew I needed the strong, prayerful support of other moms who were experiencing a similar situation. The MOMS support group has been the answer to this need and I am so very grateful for the prayers, encouragement and information that this group of very special women offer me. I thank God each day for them as I know that prayers are being said for our family and my son. Also, I am so happy to be of support in prayer and sharing my experiences with other moms who may just be starting the journey of being a military mother! God bless MOMS!!
— Army MOM - IL
Our MOMS group is comprised of a great group of women who get together to support and encourage each other. We appreciate each other with our love and prayers for those serving our country whether they are here in the United States, Abroad, or at Sea. It truly has been a blessing in my life and gives me great comfort to know that I am not walking this journey alone!
— Navy MOM - CA
The MOMS group helped me so much in a time of great concern for my beloved son, it was wonderful to have other moms who understood what I was feeling. To hear others pray for him aloud, by name, was such a comfort to me.
— Army MOM, CA
I am so thankful for our MOMS group! They have provided me with useful, important information about the military. But even more important, the women in our group have provided me with comfort, support, encouragement and prayer during the stressful time of my son’s deployment to Iraq. They empathized with my fears and concerns as only other mothers could. What a blessing!
— Marine MOM, RS
As my sons boarded the bus at Camp Pendleton for their second deployment, I mentioned to another mom how lost and alone I felt during the first deployment. She told me how lucky I was to live in Riverside, where there was a Moms of the Military Group. Finding them was a great gift. Not only were they all warm and welcoming, they understood what I was going through and listened to me or just comforted me and prayed when all I could do was cry. I would not have made it through that deployment (and the next two) without them.
— Marine MOM, CA